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Thoughts On Tea Blending

Thoughts On Tea Blending

Rachel Carter, iHeartTeas

Tea Blending for me, is a time of creativity and inspiration. With the basic understanding of which flavors go best together I start the process of experimentation. I have always enjoyed taking two completely different things and combining them into something totally new and unexpected. The beauty of tea blending goes beyond flavor. The scents and visual attributes also lend to the experience and should be treated with the same fervor. Tea Blending can be fun and therapeutic. The failures are as much a learning experience as are the successes. With each attempt you learn more about each ingredient and how it can be used in another blend. My only suggestion is to start simple. Do not try to combine a million ingredients in the hopes of creating a masterpiece. The chances are you won't find what you were looking for. Rather make small batches. Use few ingredients and grow from there. Be sure to allow your ingredients to marry. What you tasted today may not be what you taste next week. Think of it like this, tea is a drink to be savored and not rushed. The tea blending process is much the same and should not be rushed. Most of all let your imagination run wild, sometimes the unlikeliest of combinations are the most delicious.

Rachana Rachel Carter

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