Tea Blending Sisters
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Workshops in Pairings

These classes will be held both online and at a variety of onsite spaces throughout the region. Classes can also be booked for special events and holiday functions. *All charges are per person 4 person minimum 8 person maximum (special bookings available)

For Blending Events Please Contact Us: TeablendingSisters@gmail.com

These pairing classes are designed to give you the basics to conduct your own pairings at home for yourself and friends. 

Tea & Chocolate  $50.00*

(8 participants each session)

We will discuss the history of both tea and chocolate. The event will include: 4 Teas: Black, White, Green and Herbal/ Tisane to be paired with 4 Chocolates. Pairing note sheets will be included. Online or Onsite options are available.

Tea & Cheese Pairing $75.00*

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(8 participants each session)

Cheese and tea one of my favorite pairings. The event will include: 4 Teas, Black, White, Green and Herbal/Tisane along with the suggested cheese pairing selection which you must purchase. Note sheets are provided. Conducted Online or Onsite (within the regional area).




Contact Us TeaBlendingSisters@gmail.com


These online classes can inspire you to plan events i.e. bridal/ baby showers, Superbowl parties et.al.

Tea & Beer Pairings $75.00*

(5 participants per session)

In your own home, or a regionally scheduled event. The classes will focus on pairing artisan teas with craft or popular beers (suggested beer must be purchased by you). Limited to persons 21 years of age or over. Online or Onsite options are available.

Tea Tastings $35.00*


(8 participants each session)

We will focus on a variety of teas from around the world. Teas and note sheets are included in your package. Sampling 4 Teas from around the world and featuring tea specialists on the chosen tea. Online or Onsite (within the regional area).